About me

I use visual design and writing to communicate people’s thoughts.


I am the person have the ability of doing new things, and think of the new ideas. I can do the quality work created.


I have strong analytical, organizational and communicaiton skills. I work well in fast-paced, time-critical situations.


I am a Chinese who has a Bachelor of Art degree majoring in English, concentrate on translation. I lived in USA for three years. My English is professional working proficiency.


Who am I?

A creative person with big capabilities.

I am Xiao Li, a senior student majoring in Technical Communication at Kennesaw State University. I am a creative, enthusiastic, and diligent person with an excellent work ethic. I have experience in graphic design and web design.
In addition to my design talents, I also have work experience in teaching and volunteer opportunities. These experiences have improved my problem-solving ability and communication skills. My leadership role as a Minister in the Student Union thought me how to work effectively in a team and how to organize different activities. Furthermore, I worked as a bilingual tutor at my home university, North China University of Technology. I learn quickly and work effectively in collaborative environments as well as independently.

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