Learn to accept your status

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There are lots of things that people are born with, such as race, family, and gender. In general, people accept them naturally. When people are uncomfortable with these things, they are struggling, and cost big to twist the situation. When people are unsatisfied with their race or appearances, they could use cosmetic surgery to change their appearance. When people are questioned about their gender, they can make some alteration in their daily life or do the transsexual operation to change it. About the people who are not unsatisfied with their family, they will discover the way to fix it anyway.

These things like status. “Stat2.picus is defined as one’s position or rank relative to other members of a group” (p. 226). I am a daughter, a friend, a student, and a colleague. All these are my status in the different groups. Most of the group are I acquired during the growing process. Along with the growth of me, I will get more status, or lose some of them. Some of the group are I picked them proactive, but some group are I have to accept. Sometimes, I don’t like the status in the group. The only way to solve the problems is learning to accept the status. As the college student, I usually have some opportunities do the group work with different people. The classmates we don’t know each other before, but have to work together for the group assignments. I am so lucky that usually meet some good people to work together. However, not everyone is as lucky as me. My friends had a super awful experience of group work. His major is Software Engineering, and he did software requirement specification with other three full-time students as a group last semester. The three group members are thirties, and have their own family needs to take care. My friend could understand his group members’ situation that they can’t pay the same attention as his did. He used almost twenty hours to do the 85% group work. My friend learned this class before, so he was pretty satisfacted with his work after he finished it. However, his group members thought he did the assignment in the wrong way. They changed every key element to the way they thought “right” without my friend’s promotion. They got 7 points in total 20. My friend was so shocked and angry about his group members did. The professor gave them the second change to fix it. My friend did the whole work by himself and receive 18 points. At that time, my friend was so struggling about he should tell the professor about the real situation or not. He decided not to complain this to the professor because he thinks this issue occurs the lack communication with his group members. At the end of the semester, two of his group members said sorry to him and applaud his work. I was pretty admire his thoughts that he could find the problems from himself firstly. I think this is a pretty mature behavior. He finally got A in the class, even he paid much more work than he supposed. This is a classic example of how to accept the not ideal status in a group.

My friends’ experiences was not totally bad since he received a pretty good ending. However, when understanding and patient can’t solve the problems, what should we do. Some people may receive D even they finish major group work. I think we should be brave that resist the unreasonable status when we can’t fix the problems by ourselves. We need to communicate with others, try to listen different voice, and seek for more helpful suggestions. In a group, nobody stands on the opposite side. Everyone should in the same circle and work for a same aim. The reason why we do group work because we can’t solve the things by our own’s. We have to combine every member’s power together and do the better and bigger work. I have to say, try to change others are harder than change ourselves. As the opening I said, people could use technologies to change their appearance or gender. They can change the status what they want. However, they have to cost so much than accept what they are originally. The results may not worth what they did. Some of the status cannot be changed at all. Trying to change ourselves, and find other’s advantage. We will find the right way to work with the group and the most comfortable status.

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