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November 17, 2015by 93xiaoliPeople0

My research is aimed for finding the reasons to result Chinese gender ratio imbalance. The first reason is Chinese people prefer boys than girls. This is the whole social value. Chinese government practiced “one-child policy” for almost thirty years. When people goes only one chance, most of them want boys.

During my research, I found China is not the only country who prefer boy than a girl. Indian women have a worse life than Chinese. In 1968, Chinese government proposed that women should have the same rights with men. Chinese people glowed responded this purpose. Since 1949, the women created 46% of total labor. 74% Chinese women have jobs, and this is the highest women employment status. China is also has the highest status of female business manager. In every 100 female business manager, 20 are CEO. In every 10 listed companies, one of them has the female chairman or female general manager. In 2012, China has 7 of the top 50 of the most powerful women in business. In 2014, the top 100 businesswomen’s companies have created 1.4747 billion RMB turnovers.

I watched a very powerful video. This video talked about how the Indian and Chinese family kill their baby girls. The United Nations estimates as many as 200 million girls are “missing” in the world today. Millions killed, aborted or abandoned, simply because they are girls. Today, India and China eliminate more girls than the number of girls born in America every year. There is a word: gendercide. Gendercide is the deliberate, systematic destruction of an ethnic or religious group. Femicide is the deliberate destruction, systemic women, usually girls. Baby girls are killed. An Indian mother said: “the real problem started after I became pregnant. They started asking me for a sex determination test. They wanted to know if the children are girls or boys. They started torturing me to get an abortion done.” In that video, a mother killed 8 baby girls, because she can’t have a son.

After watching this video, I keep thinking how I chose this topic to be my research. I am a person who has the strong feeling about people’s sexism. I am the only girl in my family, and my parents and grandparents love me. However, not every girl was liked by their family. I have a cousin from my mother’s side, who only has one daughter. However, my cousin’s father, and grandmother think he should have a boy. My cousin works for a very dangerous job three years to get the promotion to have the second child. My cousin’s wife did the sex-test when she pregnant for five months. She abortion the baby because the test shows it is a girl. Now, my cousin is forty, and finally have a son. My cousin was graduated from a famous university in China. His career was influenced by the dangerous job, and he is the only person has income. All the thing my cousin’s family did because their first child is a girl.

I know men and women are different. I understand there is also has the different in social. I want to reduce the difference.

There is a story about a group of association girls who were taking selfies during the baseball game. These girls are coming from Arizona State University. They are doing that because they are doing the ads for a food sponsor. There are lots of negative comments. Actually, there are no positive comments. These groups of girls are all in the Dean’s list, and half of them even have the academic scholarship. There is a group of smart girls. These girls took the situation and did a really good thing. They gave the baseball tickets to the family, which really need. They worked with domestic violence shelter, and they also did many good things for the shelter. People judge them because they are girls.

In Chinese, when people say “It’s a girl” is the different tone with the “It’s a boy”. People said “it’s a girl” like “I am sorry it’s a girl.” I have a dream. One day, the mothers won’t be judged that they have girls. One day, the health girls won’t be killed because they are girls. One day, the girls won’t be bullied by their family because they are girls.

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