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My worldview is transformative. I am a soft-heart person. I care about other people’s feeling. I forget when I started to focus on the sexism. I read several reports through these years, and I try to use my article get more people’s attention. I do want to write a research paper about the Chinese imbalanced gender ratio issue. I want to explain the reasons of this situation from culture, social values, and the policies of China.

According to the sixth national census, the imbalanced gender ratio problem is still going on. There are 30,000,000 men can’t find their spouses during the marriageable age in China. According to this report, the Chinese gender ratio is 117.6:100 now. The international average gender ratio is 103~107 to 100 (male to female). It is estimated that there are more 30 million males who age between 20 to 45 than the females.

There is no doubt that the imbalanced gender ratio has become a serious societal problem in China. However, the lack of female didn’t enhance the social position of female in China. The salary of women is only 65% of men in China. For top-level personnel, one fifth company only hires men or prefer to hire men. On equal conditional, 30.8% men could get a more quick promotion than women. I think I care about this problem because I don’t believe men is better or smarter than women. I am a feminist, and I want to do something in this world.

One-child Policy

One-child policy is a population control policy of China. Since 1981, China has started one-child policy, and the government has very strict punishment for the couples that have the second-child without allowed. According to China Daily’s report, in 2007, 36% of China’s population were subject to a strict one-child restriction.

I am the only child in my family. My father is an engineer, and my mother is an accountant. They are working for the government. I was born in a normal family in the city. My parents were not allowed to have the second-child, according the one-child policy. If they have the second-child, they will be fired, and have to pay the huge fines. That’s how the policy executed at twenty years ago. In recent years, China eases the birth control to allow more couples have the second child in some area. The Australian reported 53% were allowed to have a second child if the first child was a girl.

There are several reasons why Chinese prefer for boys. The whole social atmosphere prefers boys. The diagnosis of fetal sex is illegal in China. This is another policy that Chinese government to make sure the balance of gender. When many families only have one chance, they prefer to have a boy. Normally, the parents won’t know the gender of the fatal until they burn. If the Chinese parents could know the gender of the fatal, there will be more imbalance of gender ratio. Viewing sons as better than daughters has existed in many cultures; Chinese culture is one of them. Some families abandon their healthy baby girl to have another chance to have a boy. The girls who were abandoned may not be able to survive. This is a cruel fact.

Now, there are more than 1,200,000 Chinese 30-years-old unmarried men per year increase. Since 2011, Chinese Health Authorities have started to implement containment program for the male to female ratio dropped to 115 to 100 for five consecutive years. However, Li Bin, the director of Chinese Ministry of Health and Family Planning Commission, said it is difficult to reach this goal. Li pointed out the main reason result in imbalance gender is illegal fetus gender checks, and therefore abortion. Peking University sociology professor said: “According to national statistics, the newborn sex ratio reached 117~118 to 100 in the nearly 4 years. This is impossible to reach the goal.”

When I was 16, I leave my home to go to another province for high school. This is a totally different place in my hometown, I learned the different culture. When I was 18, I went to Beijing, and started my college life in the International city. I started to learn English, and learn the western culture. When I was 20, I came to America, and started to study abroad. In a word, my experience is thirsty and indecent. I am trying to be an open-minded person to accept the new thing in my life. I respect my Christian friends. Even I don’t believe God could help them. I respect my gay friends’ choice, and give them best wishes. Even she was straight. I love to hear other people’s stories, and try to understand them. My worldview is transformative, and I am proud of it.

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