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Working with a group could make the work have higher quality or lower quality. In my opinion, the main influence factors of group work’s quality are the team member’s abilities and working attitude. According to textbook: “groups have the potential to make better-quality decisions than the same individuals would make if working alone (Tubbs 359).” When we need to make some decisions or make some plan, a group could think all-sided of the problem. The diversified people in a group could improve the group’s comprehensive strength. If the members in a group are good at the different area, they work together to make the whole work finish perfect. And the textbook listed nine tips for group member competencies. I analyze them and found out, if a group could achieve all these. Whatever the group is working for, they are going to succeed. The textbook said: “frequent communication among colleagues both inside and outside their project group is vital to high project performance. (Tubbs 359)”

The first one has developed trust with fellow group members. I have to say, it’s not an easy step. People usually trust the people who they know. This request the group members have enough communication with each other. They should know each other’s strength and weakness. They should know their personality and work style. In that case, you could trust other’s work that everyone will do their work well and make the group work more effectively. The second one is value differences between people. This is also an important part that needs communication inside the group. If we could envisage the differences between people and accept the differences, we could handle and solve the small problems within the group work. We should know the differences make the group more pluralism and treat them positively. The third factor is working both on your own and with other people. This is a high request for the individual person’s ability. It’s need the person could work individually, he must know a lot professional knowledge, and know how to solve the problems by himself. The person also needs to know how to work with others. How to find the right position in a group and finish the work. The fourth one is learning and adapt to new and current technologies. Within a group, we usually have to face the different problems and we need to adapt the new current technologies to solve them. We should prepare for the change during the group work and be active to find the solution. When the old way doesn’t work, we should be flexible that change in a new way. That’s means accept new things and learn new knowledge. The fifth one is managing time effectively. This is the important elements that could make the group work effectively. Usually, a group project has a schedule for every step of group project. A good group should finish the work early and have some time to prepare for the change. The sixth one is effectively managing projects. It’s an important element about group work’s quality. If a group could effectively manage projects, the group will do more work within the same time. It also means the group could do the high quality of group work. The solutions could be better. The seventh one creates expectations for yourself and others. This is put everyone’s expectations in the same page. If everyone has the same expectations for the group work, the group work will look like from one person’s hand. The group work is a unity. The eighth is shared in the development of group norms. The group members should share the information immediately to make sure nobody does the repetitive work. The ninth is being held accountable and hold others accountable. Everyone should know their duty clearly. If a group could achieve more than five tips, the whole group will work effectively and the quality of group work will very high. A group should the group member work together and happy. Like the segment of Friends, everyone is helping Rachel to send her resume. They all wish Rachel could find a better job. They are whistling means they are happy.

However, “Group performance does not always surpass individual performance. (Tubbs 359)” If a group work’s quality is not better than one of the members individual work’s quality, the group work is totally failing. That’s also means the group didn’t fit more than three requests. The most common situation we meet in our group work is we can’t accept other’s differences, and don’t trust the other’s abilities.

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