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Nobody likes conflict. In my mind, conflict is a typical negative word. It’s full of unpleasure, unfair, brutal and even violence meaning. The most common and direct conflict in our daily life is quarrelling with others. People quarrel because the different ideas, values, or behaviors. They can’t accept these differences, so the conflict occurs. This kind of sourcing fit for the first from the textbook, “differences in information, beliefs, values, interests, or desires (Tubbs 324)”. For example, in the late 16th century, Giordano Bruno proposed that the stars were just distant suns surrounded by their own exoplanets and raised the possibility that these planets could even foster a life of their own. He also insisted that the universe is in fact infinite and could have no celestial body at its “center”. In 1600 he was burned because the Inquisition found him guilty. People may lose life because the conflict.

The second source of conflict is “a scarcity of some resource, such as money, power, time, space, or position (Tubbs 324)”. This source causes many wars and revolutions. One group people are not satisfied of another group. They want more rights, better environment, and higher position. They fight for them. Thousands people may lose their lives because the conflict. The last source of conflict is “rivalries in which one person or group competes with another (Tubbs 324)”. This kind of situation is more common in the workplace. The colleagues are working together, they are a team. However, they also are the competitors to get a promotion. The friends may become competitors because of the conflict.

Whatever the reasons, quarrel with other people are the immature behavior. I can’t find any advantage from the conflict. Usually, I would try to avoid every conflict. The truth is conflict is a two-edged sword. We are supposed to know the desirability of conflict, and learn to use it.

I know a story about the desirability of conflict. Norwegian people like to eat sardines, especially the live fish. The live fish’s market price is much higher than dead fish. So the fishermen always trying to keep fish live until they back to the fishing port. Even the fishermen despite every effort, most of the sardines died in the middle of transportation process due to suffocation. However, there are a majority of the sardine fishing boat always makes fishing port back alive. Captain closely guarded secrets. Until the captain’s death, the answer was opened. The secret is captain put several catfishes into the sardines. Catfish’s main food is sardines. After the catfish into the fish tank, they move around because the new environment. Sardines are also moving around to escape the catfish prey on. In this way, the sardines hypoxia problem is solved, and sardines will not die until they are back to the porting. This is the “catfish effect.” Some people think this is a fake story, but this story makes sense. This story tells us the conflict gives people some pressure to push them to work harder. This kind of conflict is positive.

“Conflict helps eliminate or reduce the likelihood of group think. (Tubbs 344)” I am the person who doesn’t like to refuse others. However, the keep silences behavior may bring more problems to group work. The whole group work may according to one person’s idea. However, a person’s idea usually are not perfect. The different ideas in a group could make the group work more comprehensive, and have less loopholes. If everyone is thinking in the same way, the group work may become narrow. A good team member should know how to remind other work’s problem, and how to make some concession during the group work. A good group should have some conflict to keep the activation of group work, and know how to solve these conflicts.

The world is so colorful because there are so many different ideas, values, and thoughts. If we all think a thing in the same way, we are not the individual person, we become no characterizes objects. The world could step forward because we are not satisfied with the current situation. We eager for a better world, so we work hard, fight for a better future. A person could have progressed because they are rivalries with others. They keep learning, keep practicing to improve themselves. They want to stand out. They tried their best to do their jobs, provide the new and original ideas. As far as the conflict is positive, we could get more energy from it.

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